Nellu captures Kilvenmani massacre

Nellu Movie Poster

Do you know or even heard of The Kilvenmani massacre of 1962, where around 42 Dalits were burned alive by their landlord, who escaped free of all trials in the Kilvenmani village,Thanjavur dist;Upcoming Nellu Film has the happening captured then in the movie .But the recent update is  the director of the film M. Sivashankar, and producer AM. Karthikeyan are distrubed because the Censor Board wanted them to chop off a scene that is based on a real-life incident that took place 5  decades ago.

The Censor officials felt that this could rake up a long forgotten issue and cause problems in the society, as most of the deceased are Dalits.

So, the producer and director, to stress on the importance of this scene, have decided to screen Nellu to Communist party men(Who grouped the villagers for campaign then) and the villages(Dalits) and seek their opinion if it would cause unrest in the society in present times.

Sivashankar says “The incident is a milestone in our agrarian history, since it led to the fixing of daily wages and other rights for labours working in farm lands. It’s like Jalianwala Bagh in the history of independence struggle.”


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