Neetu Chandra justifies her bath scene in ‘Apartment ‘ as bold role

neetu chandra
Scenes which were considered vulgar few years back and which no one wants to act is now felt as a bold role to perform. Actress Neetu Chandra was in Jagmohan Mundhra’s Apartment flick. Neetu Chandra feels that the bathing scene in Jagmohan Mundhra’s Apartment is not at all vulgar. “There is no vulgarity or cheapness in the shower scene. The shot gives an illusion that I am not wearing anything but it is a trick of the camera. It’s an illusion that the film makers have created because I wasn’t comfortable shooting otherwise,” Neetu said. Naturally, this scene is being compared to Smita Patel’s bold bathing scene in a slum scene in Chakra.

“I play a hostel girl in the movie and in that particular scene, I am just thinking about something while bathing. Now this is something most of us do and can connect with. Besides, you can’t wear a lehenga in the bathroom. What’s realistic cinema then?” she explained.

“Where have I done bold roles? I have not done any bold role. In Traffic Signal, I played a simple girl, in One Two Three I played a police officer and was covered in uniform throughout. Then in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! also I am not wearing revealing clothes and neither have I done anything shocking in Rann in which I play a model. So what is bold? Even in Apartment this is just a scene which you won’t even care about when you see the film,” she added.


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