Neetu Chandra is the new no panty girl

Neetu Chandra Upskirt
Neetu Chandra Upskirt

Neetu Chandra seems to have got some serious inspiration from Yana Gupta after the Czech made headlines when she was clicked without her panties at an event. Its really shocking to report that The No Panty virus is spreading like wildfire with another victim the smoking hot Neetu.

Although by now everyone feels it was intentional and after seeing Yana Gupta being noticed with her gimmick Neetu also seems to have tried a shortcut to fame. Neetu’s publicist on the other hand denied the allegations and say they are heading for legal action.

Well looking at her stint in the Hindi movie Garam Masala we wonder why is holding back, as in the raunchy flick she obviously had no qualms about showing some skin.

We really know how these publicist cover up all the time, we wont satisfied until we hear it from Neetu, well it is surely expected of her as Yana too came out from the dark just few days after her commando show.



  1. g

    Kollytalk, please dont publish this kind of news, this doesn’t deserve to  be in spotlight.

    Hope in future, this kind of articles wont be published.

  2. anon

    taking a pic of that in that angle is equivalent to taking pic by forcing her to remove it. It’s like arguing, why are people nude under their undergarments?

  3. g


    I mean to say that there are some ethics to be followed in media.
    Taking pic itself is henious thing, then circulating & publishing it, and KollyTalk is not  a porn pic site .

    If u want these kind of pics,search in internet there are millions of pictures.

    I thought this site has some value attached to it, not by cheap gimmicks that of those one who publish and people like u commenting others and not on that issue.

    Here u r supposed to express about this article and not on the other commentor, this itself proves what kind of brought up u r.

  4. Sam

    Desperado? If u r a woman. take ur panties off and stand in front of the mirror. If u r a man and married, see ur wife’s. If ur a man and not married…then I’m sure u have ur family women. Body parts of all men and women are the same. Unless otherwise, u r something else other than a man or woman yajy u r so eager to see  🙂

  5. Sam

    sami, ram, ravi,mano – LOSERS, the comment above was for ash who left a comment asking for the website of the uncensored pic. The comment was to hit him/her. Dont u LOSERS realize that it was a REPLY comment..damn all of u for not understanding simple English. Get a life! Sami, nee oru kaenae..unbelievably stupid. My nick is Sam and u asked whether I was a bittu pada heroine?? Maybe ur family women are since u r so well versed with such words 🙂

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