Nayanthara’s director raves about Malayalam cinema


Ashwin Saravanan, director of Nayanthara’s Maya raved about Malayalam cinema and how they make films that won awards and collect a huge money at the box office.

“Two myths. 1) Award winning films don’t make money. They aren’t commercially viable projects to undertake. 2) Stars won’t be a part of such films. You will have to go with someone else, that in turn will make things difficult during the release.

My respect for Malayalam film fraternity primarily stems from the fact that they consistently break the above two myths, again and again. You have a gem of an actor like Fahadh Faasil always willing to put the story first and be a part of films like Thondimuthalum Drikshashyam. And audience complete the circle by honouring the conviction of the filmmaker by going to theatres and supporting such films. Last but not the least, they have a healthy culture of writers and directors collaborating. Writing is taken seriously and the stories they tell are from their land primarily. They are looking around, not elsewhere, for inspiration”, said Ashwin Saravanan in his statement.

Ashwin has recently finished shooting for SJ Suryah’s Iravaakalam.


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