Nayan Simbu Prabhu Deva

Nayanthara warns Simbu on how things should be

Nayan Simbu Prabhu Deva Now that her relationship with dance-master Prabhu Deva (did you people see the IPL performance?)has gone awry, Nayanthara is seeking fresh avenues. The Kollywood diva even went ahead and accused Prabhu of disloyalty in the relationship, saying, “the feeling was never reciprocated from his side.”

Simbu on the other hand felt the same about Nayan, when he disclosed his one-sided affair saying, “I was in love in 2009 but it was onesided.” While talks of Simbu and Nayan coming together heated up, the actor came out with the startling announcement of getting “definitely married by 2013”.Being the good boy he is Simbu politely asked his parents to select a beautiful bride, for his ARRANGED marriage ,retuning from his US trip. Recently Nick Arts Chakravarthy came out with an offer for Nayan to act in Simbu’s upcoming film Vaalu. The lady however had some conditions of her own,before signing on the dotted line. First was her remuneration package of Rs 3 crores and then came some strict warnings from the seductress. She demanded that her ex-flame Simbu should not come and talk to her during the shoots and neither should he come near her caravan area, whatever maybe the reason. Meanwhile her broken lover Prabhu Deva is all ‘Boruda’.(We meant his next dance album people).He did bring the floor down, throwing a lavish birthday bash during the IPL 5 inaugural event  a couple of days back. It was attended by everyone including Khusboo,Vishal, Trisha, Vijay, Suriya ,Jeyam Ravi , Harris Jayaraj , directors Shankar, Gautam Menon but not her. True, she (you know who :)) did miss out on some fun.


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