Nayanthara the comedian in Boss Engira Baskaran

Guess who joins the comedian act in ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’? None other than the Sexy Nayantara, she will be doing a comical role in the company of Arya and Santhanam for the film directed by Rajesh of ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ fame.

If sources are to be believed, Nayantara, the heroine of the film, is playing a bubbly girl who has immense humour sense. “This is for the first time the actress is doing such a role. She would sure bring the roofs down with her performance,” they maintain.

On the storyline, they say, “the movie is about Arya, who lives in a joint family. The attempts he make to woo Nayantara and the problems he face before joining hands with her is the crux. It is a feel-good film quite like ‘SMS’.”

Plans are to complete the shoot by the end of February. “Rajesh, who firmly believes that post production works add solid strength to a movie, would take around two months for it. So you can expect ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’ by May or June,” sources add


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