Nayanthara converted to a Hindu

Nayanthara playing Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam

Well she did mean every bit of her word when she earlier said, “I will make it a point to get what I want if I have made up my mind.”  Earlier it was Ramlath who converted from Islam to Hinduism and now Prabhu Deva’s second wife too has opted for achange of faith’. A Christian girl baptized Diana Mariam Kurian, from this day on she will be addressed with her screen name Nayanthara after the Kollywood glam doll decidedly converted to Hinduism.

On Sunday, yesterday morning 11 A.M. Nayanthara arrived at the Arya Samaj Temple at Waltax Road in Chennai. She observed the Vedic ritual of Shuddhi Karma purifying herself and the Homan ceremonial in front of the burning fire. Nayan also chanted hymns from as part of her soul-cleansing act, seeking blessings of the Holy one in this new journey. On completion of her holy duties she has now been issued a Certificate of Conversion to Hinduism and a change of name with Nayanthara being her official Hindu name. The actress successfully kept the shutterbugs at bay and only after rushing back home to Chennai did she confide, “Yes, I have become a Hindu and it’s my own personal decision. I went through the entire ceremony with passion and conviction.”   Nayanthara will be next seen playing Sita in her upcoming telugu flick Sri Rama Rajyam.

So now that things are fairly settled can we hear the good news soon?

Nayan your ‘faithful’ fans are waiting!!!





  1. june

    that’s so sad, she needs to think, if prabhu won’t even change something like religion, what guarantee does she have that he won’t change her too….this doesn’t seem to be going well nayanthara

  2. Smile

    So now Nayan will start to recite Gayatri mantra and read Ramayanam??

    I feel we should stick to our own religion bec that is what GOD has chosen for us.Even though we have terms as sea,ocean,river,stream or pond,it all refers to water.Likewise,GOD is one.Be it Allah,Buddha,Jesus or Rama.They all have the same power.No religion is inferior or superior to another.It’s not a sin to have faith in a religion that u do not belong to but don’t forget ur own.Converting to another religion without faith but just for the sake of it or bec we want to achieve our selfish goals cannot be considered as faith.Well,just my opinion.Not intended to hurt anyone.If i have done so,kindly forgive me.

    P.S. I have touched on a sensitive topic.Please don’t take up arms against me!

  3. june

    your 100% true god is such a universal matter that cannot be binded in one religion, gods don’t have conflicts with eachother, human’s ego clashes are the causes for all this heart ache…i agree with you smile

  4. Sam

    Rightly said Smile. Converting to another religion is stupidity, especially for a reason like this. Y cant they live together as a hindu and christian? 

  5. j

    Notihing wrong in converting to a religion… after all for centuries west use christainity as a tool to conquer and fund converting people to christainity as relgion also spread their customs, names, beliefs, history, identity, tradion, culture and everything ….. here prabhudeva as took the tool…

  6. j

    it is not that easy as u think as religion doesn’t mean’t beleif and following a God alone, It means culture, customs and everything associated with it…. so it is difficult to adopt what u feel

    Even I want people to get easy with thiese things

  7. Sam

    I agree to an extent but here if one can divorce his wife whom he loved and later married (first wife) then what culture and customs are you talking about???

  8. Smile

    You have a point….For such people,it makes no difference.Anyways,It’s their life…they have decided.We just have to watch…

  9. Archana

    Smile, what you say is cent percent correct. In this world all problems are only due to convertions. Why cant people just leave others alone in their own religion. In India we find lots of missionaries who are eager to convert the Hindu population to Christianity and other forceful convertions from Hindu to a muslim. I dont like any of these too as much as I hate people changing from other religions to Roberts, Nayanatara etc.

    Let people be peaceful in their own religions and we should make a law which will stop any religious convertions. The religion at the time of birth should be the same till the end of their life

  10. Smile

    @Archana…Thanks.Well said!!!….People shoud never be forced on such issues.They should be allowed to follow their own religion.Just bec we like another religion,we don’t have to convert.We can just pray in the heart.Adhukunu saami vandhu namma kanna kuthadhu.

  11. vasu

    oh man ………. is she going to get converted again to christianity when they happen to depart sometime later in future… sick  *DONT_KNOW*

  12. விவேகானந்தர்

    “ஒருவர் தனது மதத்தில் இருந்து வேறு ஒரு மதத்திக்கு மாறும் பொழுது, அவர் அந்த இரு மதத்துக்குமே தகுதியற்றவர்”.

  13. xyz

    religion maralanalum ramalath prabu deva kaga religion maruna but nayanthara edhukuda panamatingura nu solringa marinalaum yen marina nu thituringa. love la edhellam sagajam.. some sacrifices erukathan venum.. 

  14. li

    well, religion nt an obstacles for love though, y she need to covert to hindu, there is only one god y ppl need separate n hv their own religious, anywaz happy marriage life nayanthra n prabhu deva

  15. RAJ



  16. Nanban

    Sooul Nilaigal Soolum Poothu! Entha Niyathigalum Vaazhathu! “Matham Enbathe Thevaiyatra Onru”. Ethil Yar Entha Mathathil Erunthaal Enna, Marinaal Enna! Maththathai Patri Pasuvethe Oruvagai “Mathaverith Thanam Thaan”. Enge Comments Adiththavargalil Palar, Vasithiyana Vazhkkai! Virumbiya Thunai Kidaiththal Nitchayam Maruvargal. Aduththavaukku Varum Poothu, Athu Asingamana Onraga Theriyum, AthuVe Thanaku Varum Poothu Arththam Ullathaga Vizhangum. 

  17. Muthukumaran

    Arputhmaaana seithi. Prabhudevavum Nayantharavum inainthu pallaaandu Vaala Vaalthukkal. Hindu religion is always grand and beautiful .

  18. Smile

    Kadhal oruvarudiya kannai maraikumam(Love is blind).Appadi nadakumbodhu thalai kaal puriyama edha venumnalum seiyalam eppadi venumnalum vazhalumnu thonum.But’s it’s wrong.Aasai 60 naal,moham 30 naal.Aaga motham 90 days…ellam over!Appodhan kannu thorakkum.Then it’s too late.Matha,Pitha,Guru and Deivam.Periyavanga sonnadhu.A person should first love all these.The rest is secondary.

  19. Nanban

    @Smile…Deivam Enbathu Oru Nambikkai Avvaluvu Thaan! Kovilulkku Pooi Kudumaigal Pala Seikiravargalum Irukkiraargal(morethan 75%)! Kovilukku Poogamal Nanmaigal pala Seibavargalum Irukkirargal! I am not a Religious person. Because of, in the world most of the bloods came from these religion. Pelavugal Ellatha Eethavathu Oru Matham Ullathaa? Oru Mathaththitkulleye Orrumai Ella! Ethil Deivam Enga Irunthu Vanthathu? Thanathu Pakthargaliye Onraga Vaiththurukka Mudiyatha Deivaththai “Matha,Pitha,Guru and Deivam” Enra Varusaiyel Vaiththathey Thappu!

  20. kh

    what guarantee does he have that she wnt run after another old fellow? who cares, both dnt deserve to be happy.

  21. S M

    Every religion teach the same thing “The Peace,” So no one have rights to comment on other people religious move…   But in case of Diana Mariam Kurian alias Nayanthara the reason she convert was to  marry her hindu boyfriend Prabu Deva was totally wrong….   I respect all religion, but I don’t respect all godmans like Paul Dinakaran, Nithayananda, etc…   Becoz of these people I became agnostic… 

  22. Smile

    @Nanban…Didn’t know u were an atheist.Well i am ur opposite….a theist.Arandavan kannuku erundadhellam pei nu solvanga.Kadavula nambatha ungakitta avaroda magimaiya puriya vekka mudiyadhu.I am sorry.

  23. Nanban

    @Smile & Ram…How did you guys decide I am a Atheist? Did you read my first line of the comment? “Deivam Enbathu Oru Nambikkai Avvaluvu Thaan!”. Naan Nambukinra (Vazhlipaduvathalla) Deivam Ennai Vazhli Naduththukinra Sakthi. Athu Neegal Nenaippathu poola Maththiloo, Uruvachchilaigaliloo, Holly booksiloo, Allathu Veru Entha Vadivathiloo Ellai. Deivam Enbathu Oru Kaliman. Athanai Ovvaru Maththathavarum Thangal Vasathikku Eertpa Uruvaakki Vaiththirukkirargal. Yar Enna Kaaranththtkkaga Athai Saithaargal Enru Theriyamale, Ungalaip Poonravargal Athanai Pinpatri Varukinreergal. Aanal Naan Kallimannai Vanagkupavan. Ennakku Entha Mathamum Thevai Illai! Athan Magimayem Avasiyamillai! En ninaivu therintha Naal Muthal Indru Varai “Iraiva nee thaan thunai”. Ithu Onru thaan En Vazhipaattu Murai. Engu Enakku Thunaiyaga Eru Enru Kuda Naan Keettathillai. Yarukku Thunai Eruppathu Enbathai Kuda, Naan Iravanidame Vittu Vitteen. Ungalukkum Ennakkum Ulla Viththiyasam Eppoothu Vizhngi Erukkum Enru Ninaikkireen.

  24. Smile

    So u trust GOD but not his teachings??Without worshipping GOD,how can u trust him???Namakku oruthar mela nambikai varanumna,we have to know that person before trusting him.Partha odane oruthara yaarum nambida matanga.Naama kadavule unaranumna modhalla avara nambanum.Avar oruthar erukaru nambanumna nammaku nambikai thevai.Appadi namakku nambikai tharardhukudhan holy books,scriptures,idols and Religion erukudhu.Adha nalla muraile use pannanume thavira than suyanalathukaga misuse panna koodadhu.Today ur walking on the road and suppose u happen to have a fall(not cursing u but just for arguements sake),tomorrow will u stop taking that route?You will take it but probably be more careful,right?Similarly,edho oru rendu peru matha kalavaratha undupananganu mathame thevaiyillainu odhuki vekkardhu thappu.You need to have a sense of belonging.People all over the world respect and love India is bec of our culture and traditions.Adha namakku tharardhe namma Religion dhan.Sad to say but ungala pole,Vasin pole 400 aalunga erundha podhum.What is India?-eppadinu edhir kaalam kekkura madhiri senjuduveenga.Namma munorgal kashtapattu British kitterndhu poradi vangina namma sudhandhiratha marubadiyum thooki avanga kittaiye kuduthudunga.

  25. kenia liu

    Excellent post , I loved the analysis ! Does someone know if my assistant could acquire a blank a form example to fill in ?

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