Nayantara:Women can survive without men’s assistance


Actress Nayanthara has gone on record saying that women are no longer in need of men to fulfill their needs and expectations. “In my case in particular, I have somehow come out of the economic problems which plagued me some time back. I also feel that my appearance has regained its earlier glow. As such, there is nothing that might prevent me from reaching the top in Tamil and Telugu films,” she says.

There has been a significant change in Nayanthara’s attitude post her break up with Prabhudeva. Earlier, she used to look the other way whenever she was approached for interviews but in the changed scenario, she appears more willing to talk to the press and share and exchange her views and ideas. “I was indeed lucky to have come to films because I didn’t visualize it as a career when I was young. But for films, I could neither have earned lots of money nor coud have found myself in a position to help and assist many charity works.

“Each day appears to be a fresh learning curve for me. I know than I have committed many errors in the past. Don’t we humans commit mistakes? However, it is imperative to learn from our misktaes so that we don’t repeat them in future. The lessons I was forced to learn the hard way in my life have spurred me on to aim for and achieve greater things in future.

“Women’s empowerment has reached new heights nowadays. A woman doesn’t need to depend on men for anything. They are economically independent and are intelligent enough to make their own decisions and shape their careers as per their will. I have personally felt all these changes in my life. Yes, I have to concede that I’m more and happy and independent nowadays,” concludes Nayanthara.


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