Nayantara praises Amala Paul, likens her to Priyanka Chopra

Amala Paul nayanatara

In a case of rare gesture, actress Nayantara has praised young and upcoming actress Amala Paul. While it’s not so often that one gets to witness friendship in films, it is even more difficult to find an actress praising one of her contemporaries.

Amala Paul, who had done some insignificant films before, hit the bull’s eye with last year’s super-successful Mynaa. The film, directed by Prabhu Solomon was loved by the critics as well as the movie-goers and gave to Tamil cinema a fine and young actress in the form of Amala Paul. She later followed up the good work in Mynaa with another powerful but subdued character in Vikram’s Deiva Thirumagal.

Nayantara, who has seen many ups and downs in the industry, is on the pinnacle of a personal high as she is gearing herself up to get married to Prabhudeva in the coming months. She has praised Amala saying that her beauty resembled that of Priyanka Chopra, a leading Bollywood starlet and a former beauty queen. Nayan reportedly SMSed Amala appreciating her looks in some still photos that came came across.

Moved by the congratulatory message from a senior actress who is very much in contention to play heroine in all South Indian languages, Amala says “I really feel proud of Nayantara, who too hails from my native Kerala. In an industry dominated mostly by men, she has made it to the top in her own way. Getting appreciation from her is equivalent to winning many an award; henceforth, I’d consider her as my role model!”



  1. Vasin

    Amala’s belly is not that flat n firm compared to western girls but still she is the sexiest actress in India; her faces oozes sexiness; any man will be thrilled.

  2. june

    Both fat asses prasing each other oen gets operated and the other working at gym what the hell ???

    Both looks older than their age

  3. vasin_2

    otha…poye un polapa paaru da..edho nee dhaan ellarkum soru podura madhiri pesure..? poramboku.
    poye edhana serial paathu ukkandhu alu..ahdu thaan unaku theriyum nu ninaikiren

  4. thala

    ada amala naye, un ellamai ellam another one year, nee ellam oru actress, nee mamanar kuta padutha thane… podi po, kerala vukku poi, kali thinnu

  5. thala

    intah nayunnka innam 3 years la, ecr roadla 10 crores veedu katuvalunga, eppida panam vruthu….

    read this…

     “wht did one thigh of Amala paul said to the other thigh……” We make lots of money between us”

  6. Ram

    Yes Priyanka chopra does have that michael jackson thing happening at times. But other than that i have to say, smile seems to have too much male point of view.

  7. Vasin

    So that is why you don’t concede Amala is not that beautiful…but she is powerfully beautiful…myna la than first time I saw her..oru scene la lover a parthu ‘nee enna loosa’ nu kepa paru; appo ava expressions a parkanum…so powerful.

  8. Mokkai

    @smile.. Dialogue onnum korachallai illai! Vasin thinks ur from US and he is chatting with u.. imagine what happens if he gets to know you are from malaysia!! vadai pochai!

  9. smile

    malaysia is also equally good to India and Uk and US.. so mind ur own business.. dont insult my brother Vasin..

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