Nayantara demands 1.5 Crore

Nayantara learnt to swim against the tide

Nayantara demands 1.5 Crore

After her break-up with her former beau Prabhudeva, Nayantara has been training all her energies in starring in more and more films. She has signed up exciting projects in Tamil and Telugu on her comeback and is thankful that both the Telugu and Tamil film industries have been ‘kind’ to her despite her self-imposed break from them.

Talking about her comeback and her past life which has been one of the most-discussed topics in Kollywood and Tollywood, Nayan says “I have learnt a lot from whatever experience the Almighty had given me in the past. Like it has been said in the Bhagwad Gita, I have started believing that whatever happens, happens for good. This belief has given me a peaceful life.”

Nayan has had not less than three heart-breaks when it comes to falling in love, the latest of them being the Prabhudeva episode which lasted for more that three years. She has put everything behind her back and has started focusing on her career in Tamil and Telugu films. To her credit, her market value hasn’t gone down by even a little bit but has only registered an ‘increase’ which is reflected in her fee per film.

“I have seen a lot all these years and toiled a lot….the obstacles and difficulties I had to face have only made me more mature and given me the courage that I can face anything in life. Here after, I shall not be shaken by anything in life; I think I have it in me to face upto any challenge. Acting in films is the oxygen of my life through which I survive and I’m back to where I belong to.

“I have realized my mistakes and have learnt to forget my difficulties. I feel that one should not only have the determination to swim against the tide; he/she should also know how not to get into it again,” concludes Nayantara and adds that she doesn’t want to comment on her reported ‘animosity’ with Trisha.


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