Nayantara in trouble for obscene pose

Nayantara in trouble for vulgar poses
Nayantara-Ajith in Aegan

Nayantara’s skin show in 2008,has called for a petition at a Kerala court in 2010.

Nayan’s zero size sexy wears were seen in Ajith starrer ‘Aegan'(2008), directed by Raju sundaram. When this film hit the screens in Kerala, posters and cut outs of Nayanthara in revealing poses were displayed in several prominent places for the film promotion.

Nagaraj,a Kerala based advocate had filed a obscenity case petition in the Criminal Court seeking action against Nayan, Raju Sundaram, the theatre owner Sridharan and the producer. However the case was closed recently due to lack of evidence.

Following this, Nagaraj has filed a fresh petition seeking a re-investigation.

Nagaraj, the petitioner said, “I filed a petition in 2008 as I felt Nayan’s poses were ‘unreasonably obscene’.However the case was closed citing the lack of evidence. So I have filed a fresh petion now, hope the necessary action will be taken this time”



  1. MK

    Both Nayan and Ajith are malayalee nuts. She is one slut and he is one tharuthalai. HE roamed with everyone and then married that stupid Shalini who was roaming with New College boys when studying in Church Park before marrying him. Both bullshit actors.

  2. MK

    I am telling the truth. He is mallu and he married Shalini mallu.BUt both r same type. THey roamed with everyone. ASk about Shalini to Church Park girls.THey will tell u her story. She was expelled from there and then went to Adarsh. Same story of sister SHamili too. Ivingalukellam oru rasigar kootam.

  3. MK ur an Idiot!

    Wht nonsense! True ajith is half mallu half sindhi and shalini was a nice girl studied in F.HS till 9th then went to adarsh and then finished her higher studies in church park. And she was a lovely girl. we all are form church park during that time. Now if u say abt trisha she was one crack head. But all were decent girls. Chumma dont assume things. Maybe the church park girls u meet these days say such stories to get some attention. grow up man! Its wrong to talk about people you dont know. Anyone for that it even your worst enemy!

  4. MK ur an Idiot!

    And whts this guy Nagaraj is filing petetion for. I haven't seen any obscene pose here. I dont like nyan but I dont think she has shown anything so worse things yet. if he really wants to file a petition may be he can go knock up on all those silly actress who walk naked these days. At-least this female still has half a meter still on! See it people! May be this kerala advocate is far too jobless after-all  😎

  5. MK

    Yeah u agree with me urself. She was expelled from all these schools. Her last resortwas CHurch Park. And what u mean higher Studies???? its 12th grade. After school comes higher studies 🙂

  6. daiiii mk naiii ketukoo........

    wht u know about ajith,,he wsa born in hydrabad,for his sindhi mother & malayali father….and now he is in chennai with lot of fans,.he is hard working man,he came up to this position with his own effort…he also won third prize in british F3 championship..he won eight awards in flim industry……….dont compare ajit with nayathara bitch ….i think ur vijay fan,  thts y u tell like this…………

  7. arun

    dai pannada.. they roamed with everyone aamam.. nee paathiya?? avanga suthunada?? yennamo nee dhaan velaku pudicha maadhiri pesura?? when u fucking dnt have urself as the witness dnt u ever try talking something like this u asshole..u better shut ur ass..dnt bring about a fans mess over here..

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