Nayantara gives the blues

Nayantara gives the blues
For a long time Kollywood hot babe Nayantara has been giving a red signal to all promotional events related to her movies but it was a different story at the audio launch event of Telugu film Sri Rama Rajyam which reportedly has Nayantara playing the divine Seeta. Nayan gave the blues to everyone present at the function, dressed up elegantly in a velvety blue designer sari, with her braided hairstyle adding to her newfound innocence. The red lacquer on her fingernails matched her red and blue attire, with her ornamented kada bangles completing a picture perfect look.

The actress has been maintaining a strict vegetarian diet to match her Seetha avatar in the movie and by her looks at the event we have to say that her efforts are paying off well. Her love for home-made food while working at the sets of Sri Rama Rajyam has already earned some loyal fans in her crew members and co-workers, as they revealed how they loved to share a bite with Nayan after a day of hectic shoots, at the function. The beautiful looking Nayan released the music CD of the film along with hero Balakrishna after which everyone headed for the refreshments.

Needless to say Nayan was the cynosure of all eyes in her graceful best.




  1. Smile

    Wow….What a vibrant colour! A very beautiful saree.She has dressed well too.Saree kattina azhago azhagu…

  2. 213

    She looks very bad,,,, I cant see her.. She was so beautiful during Ayyaa and Chandamughi films… later she became very ugly.

  3. Vasin

    Yov Niruthuya Home Wrecker Home Wrecker nutu….. Kalyanam panna nuthla nurum piriyama irntha there is something wrong in the society. Nee school la padichapo on class la ethni peru friends? 10%, 20%? So sariyana kalyanam amayarathuku oru probability irku; may be 50% since romba naal palagi, reference eduthu pannarathala! The rest 50% have to go looking for their soulmates again and may find married ones or fresh ones; every male should be a target for some female and vice versa; on partner a retain pannarathu depends on how hard you work to retain her/him. Ramlath ate her way to divorce; marriage oru iron rule nu solrathu thappu.

  4. Gemma

    What!!! Nayantara acting as goddess seetha. My irony meter just exploded. 🙂 make sure you take good care of prabhu deva if not he would fall for another younger actress later. Don’t make the same mistake like ramlath by trusting him too much. All the best.

  5. Vasin

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Ippo othukariya West is Best West is Practical nu…Ha Ha Ha. Naan ippo than Pub lernthu varen. Nee ippo girls kuda pub le irpe….Ha Ha Ha

  6. Smile

    @Vasin..Wait wait!Don’t get too excited.Neengale kelvi kettu oru mudivuku vandha eppadi?Yes…I said Jeans is good bec it is comfortable but that does not mean West is Best nor West is practical.Saree is equally comfortable.Its only a matter of getting used to.I wear jeans bec in foreign countries,u will look weird sporting a saree on a daily basis.But given a choice,my pick is a saree.I wouldn’t mind wearing it daily…i would love to.

  7. Vasin

    Poised reasoning; I give it to you; you are very clear in your head; Alaga irpe; onnoda circles kuduthu vechavanunga.

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