Nayantara faints at the ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’ sets

Actress Nayanatara fainted while shooting for her upcoming film ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’, directed by Rajesh, produced by K S Srinivasan and K S Sivaraman. The scenes involving Arya and Nayantara were being shot at Balumahendra studio, chennai last week.

While on the sets, Nayanatara who was feeling dizzy,collapsed on the grounds in between the shoots. She was immediately given first aid by the film team and a doctor was called for immediate medical attention.

The doctor who atteneded Nayantara said the actress was very weak and had fainted as she didn’t eat since morning. Nayantara was also advised to take rest for a couple of days and to eat properly on time.

According to sources, Nayantara is on a strict diet regimen to reduce her weight and to get back into shape. Though she has been monitored by her dietician, the actress seemed to be tired after the day’s hectic schedule.

There was tension among the film unit for a while because of Nayantara’s fainting incident.

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  1. Revathy

    Nayanthara changed a lot over the years from cultured lady to uncultured woman in films. I don't know her real inside character. Did Simbu spoil her and made her life frustated or is she like that character inside her from the beginning? Only she can tell.

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