Nayantara and Prabhu Deva in Mumbai

Nayantara and Prabhu Deva

The intimate duo of Nayantara and Prabhu Deva were spotted together by one of our sources in the commercial capital of Mumbai. Nayan looked every bit fantabulous in a pair of black jeans and a white top while Prabhu was more than happy tagging close to his lady love. It is learnt that Nayan wants to get done with things as soon as possible after her recent conversion to Hinduism. The actress will make some quick decisions in-person with hubby Prabhu now that she has landed at his Mumbai residence.

Boyfriend Prabhu Deva is busy shooting for his upcoming Bollywood flick Rowdy Rathore, which he plans to wrap up soon and concentrate on his personal commitments. The dancer turned director Prabhu found it disheartening with Christian groups slamming his lady for her decision of ‘change of name’ and to avoid any more mudslinging he had kept the news of Nayan’s arrival under the carpet. Earlier the actress earned herself a “Certificate of Conversion to Hinduism” on August 7th at the Arya Samaj Temple, Waltax Road in Chennai after which she faced the wrath of People’s United Front, an affiliated body of a Christian organization who termed her conversion as a ‘forced’ one.

Stay glued people! looks like the good news is on it’s way.



  1. Smile

    Yes enough is enough.Araicha maavaiye araichikittu….I don’t think anyone really cares about them after so much.So live and let live….

  2. Rehana

    what is the good news that a talented guy lost his self respect to run after an idiot after having lost his child shows how he was depressed ha! nice one prabu deva was a fan of you not anymore was the 1st wife not a love marriage he must have a memory loss right 😉

  3. abirami

    prabu deva spoiled his name by marrying that loose, how it was possible for her to spoil a beautiful family, that too a man living with his wife and children. dont she feel ashame. can she give garantee that prabu deva will live atleast with her for life long. i was a great fan of prabu deva but he just broken all fans heart. if his son died, this is the way to show his love that he is having on his son, just ashame of him……………………. he is blody dad. let he get apologise from his son soul. god has has to show the truness of his real wife………

  4. Vasin

    If you become an old fat pig after marrying could you accuse your hubby of adultry?Ideally marriage is unconditional and done in good faith but many girls abuse it not intentionally but by ignorance; they have a duty to continue to thrill their hubbys and vice versa.

  5. Smile

    She became an old fat pig as u claim only after giving birth to his kids.Of course,she could have maintained her physique but just bec she didn’t does not mean she has to be forsaken.If she was a cruel lady,then i see a reason why Prabu deva should divorce.Why tomorrow if Nayanthara gives birth,she too will put on weight.Then should he leave her for another lass???Suppose if Prabu deva couldn’t satisfy his wife,would she have left him??In our mythology,Shoorpanaka desired Ram and lost her nose and ears.Raavan desired Seetha and he lost his life.Moral-Don’t desire for what is not urs.

  6. Vasin

    Hey Smile, Ippo fake Vasin vanthduvan. Aprom avan eltharatha vechu enmela gandu venam. It is difficult to fake your ID but ennoda ID easy a fake pannidalam.

  7. Smile

    I am still angry with you,ur perverted mind and ur nonsensical ideologies but that will not stop me from stating my opinions.Neenga aniyama comment panna naan nyayama badhil adi kuduppean.

    Aama,naan America president ennoda ID ya fake panna mudiyadhu bec police pidichitu poiduvanga.Smile-nu pottu yaar venumnalam comment pannalam….Rendu Vasinskum naan solrean,edhuku mela ethana Vasins vandhalum naan solluvean.Enkitta vechikiteenga naan enna pannuveanu enakku theriyadhu….gokka makka.

  8. Smile

    @Vasin…yenn kuruttu kelvi kekkureenga.I already told u Ramayanam took place in treta yugam time chronology ketta naan yenga povean.Naan enna Valmiki bagavanoda pethiya?

  9. Vasin

    Illa naan wiki la check pannen; time podala; you are well into these stuff; athaan keten. Aama enna lunch? Romba kaarama?

  10. S M

    only animals have different females to live with…

    But we are human beings, we are civilized.

    It shows Prabu Deva animal nature in his heart and brain ……… 

  11. Smile

    Aayiram thadavai solluvean neenga oru pervert.Rosham pothukukittu varudho??Ethana dhadava asingama comments panni mathavangala insult pannirpeenga….pervertnu oru varthai sonna erichal varudhule…that’s how others would also have felt.A taste of ur own medicine…..

  12. Vasin

    You are treated as a next door girl so you have to return at least the same; you badly failed in it; pattikaatuthanama Anna Thambi sollatheenga; ippo puriyaratha why you shouldn’t model yourself using outdated models and concepts such as Ramayana Maha Bharatha. Pattikadu!

  13. Smile

    Naan pattikadu than.I don’t feel ashamed to be called a paatikadu in that sense.Avuthu pottutu ellar koodaiyum poradhudhan modern-na,enakku appadi patta pattam thevai illai.Naan pattikadave erukkean.By the way,Raise ur middle finger at someone else,not me.

  14. Smile

    @Vasin.What’s to be offended by addressing one as a brother?If u have a sister,would she call u porambokku??Bec we comment frequently,people around will start saying that we have an eye on each other which is absolutely false.So why add on to that.”Its ok,we are just friends”nu solradhuku i am not an actress or a girl from ur dear UK.Naan eppadithan.If u feel embarssed to consider me as a sister or comment to me hereafter,by all means,u don’t have to.

  15. Vasin

    Marupadiyum Paru! You are a well educated Indian girl with firm opinions; I like that; athukappala ethuvume ippa illa; ethuku sister anna ellam potu confuse pannare. I treat you very well and you know that.

  16. DK

    @smile sister…yenna yethuku naradar’nu solringo??paavam vasin avlo jollu vittunu unge kitte pesran..neenge patha anna’nu sollitinge..ithu seriyana comedy’a irundhathu..athuku naan comment panna naan naradar’a???seri vasin’ne oru anna’na ninaichi mannichidunge..dai vasin tangachi smile’ye hurt pannre madri pesadhada..correct’a irukku da..Like TR ,like vasin..avarukkum thangachina rombo pudikkum..vasinukkum thangachi smile’ye rombo pudikum..oru pasamalar film’e yedukulam itha vechi 😀

  17. Vasin

    Paru Paru Hey Smile Enna Ramayanam padikara? Pesarathu ellam aniyayama irku! Naan epdi onnoda comment a remove pannarathu? Oniku Kaka Kaka la varaane villain; avan than sariyana jodi!

  18. Smile

    @DK anna….Edhuku jollu vidanum?Adhu thappu illaiya??Apart from ur own wife,men have to look at other women as their mother/sister.Naan enna thappu sollitean???Ungala nardarnu yean sonneana,indha kalagathuku pillaiyar suzhi pottu arambitchu vechadhe neengadhan….

    Btw,naan pechu ka with Vasin anna bec he insulted me.

  19. Smile

    Adapavi Vasin anna,i meant KT have removed my comment.Thangatchiku nalla purushan kidaikanum namakku nalla machan kidaikanumnu vendradha vittutu eppadi ippadi pekkalithanama yosika mudiyudhu???Unga moolaile saaniya karaichu ootha.Of all,kaakha kaakha villain….thooo.Aalum mudiyum.I rather jump into a well.

  20. DK

    Thangai smile…i dont have younger sister,so naan ungale thangachi’ne sollren..naan yeppo pullaiyar suzhi pottein??seri athe vidunge..ungalukku Ranbir kapoor madri oru smart handsome purushan kidaikittum..seekrame kalyanam prapti vastu.. 🙂

  21. Nanbenda

    Smile Variya…… kuptta, Vandhutaen nu sollura nayi ne, lolllai parru…. I knw Smile s not a girl & Vasin s Fake..

  22. Smile

    @DK anna….happada enna thanagtchinu kooptirkeenga.Kekkardhuke evvalo aanandhama eruku theriyuma?Neenga pillaiyar suzhi potathuku karanamnu sonnadhu,u had commented that Vasin was trying to jolly vidran at me….so yaarum appadi thappa nenaichidakudadhunu dhan i started addressing Vasin as anna.So people will not mistake us.Naan Vasin maanathaiyum kapathirkean,yen maanathaiyum kapathirken.So what’s wrong?Aana Vasin anna kaduppaitaru!Now that he is sure he can’t drool at me,he will try his luck somewhere else so i have helped him in a way also.He doesn’t realise that.I think next is Archana…..But i think she will address him as “Thaatha”!

    Why on earth Ranbir kapoor???I hate him to the core.I don’t even think he is smart/handome.Total jerk!Appadi patta oru mappllaina,naan avan moonjile acid oothiduvean….

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