Nayan- Prabhu affair No to marriage for time being

It looks like these few journalists follow Prabhu and Nayan like  hutch puppy following the pair, where we you go we follow.

The laest buzz is Last weekend Prabhu and Nayan had been to watch My Name is Khan  @ chennai. But some how managed to escape the awaiting media, which had arrived on hearing the news

It is note worthy that there are already gossips in the industry that they will be getting married soon and some saying they are already married .

Recently while speaking to the media in Kerala, Nayan said,” If I like a person I will do anything for that person. Many are asking me why I’ve tattooed Prabhu’s  name in my hand. I am not able to understand what is running on people’s mind, We live our life for our loved one, this is a human nature and apllies to each one of us. Why should i be an odd one and am also  not bothered about what others think of me.

Many keep asking me  about marriage. I am currently acting with Arya in the  Boss Engira Bhaskaran. Also few other movies  in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. I have not thought of marriage for time being.”


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