nayantara blames Prabhudeva

Nayan opens up, accuses Prabhudeva of disloyalty

nayantara blames Prabhudeva

Finally, Nayanthara has opened up and discussed threadbare her (failed) affair with Prabhudeva. In a recent interview, the ‘comeback queen’ of Tollywood and Kollywood has accused her ex-lover Prabhudeva of having remained ‘unfaithful’ to her and thereby brining an end to the three-and-a-half-year long relationship.

“I never thought I’d be away from him; I had always remained loyal to him but the loyalty wasn’t reciprocated by him,” Nayan has said in a detailed interview. This is the first official version from Nayanthara who has chosen to go on record the reasons behind her unexpected split from Prabhudeva. She was on the verge of saying ‘good-bye’ to her lucrative acting career and was about to marry him when things started going bad.

“In fact, I was ready to make all kinds of sacritife for him but I still couldn’t save the relationship. I feel that both in love and in marital life, misunderstanding is what creates major problems in relationships. Problems are bound to occure in every relationship; only when it goes beyond the limit the split becomes an inevitable thing. The same thing happened in my case too.

“I just couldn’t digest a few things….I don’t know whether it was due to my intolerance or immaturity….nothings is permanent here…people’s attitudes change… circumstances keep on changing….such a change brought about the split, I believe. I don’t want to go over it again to reflect on what happened in the past…I don’t want to make my personal matters public.

“When I realized that my loyalty and sincerity wasn’t reciprocated by the other side, I had no other option but to call it quits. This only goes to show that life is full of unexpected turns and events. Flexibility in relationship is a very important factor which helps in sustaining and taking forward the relationship leading to a happy and successful life,” concluded Nayanthara.


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