Natty Kumar

Natty Kumar drags Rajini’s name again in ‘settlement’ issue

Natty Kumar

It appears that the issue relating to the so-called losses incurred by producer and distributor Natty Kumar when he released the Dhanush-Shruti Haasan ‘3’ in Telugu may not settle down for the time being. Kumar said that he had suffered losses to the tune of a few ‘crore’ and blamed Dhanush and Aishwarya for the losses for not turning up to visit Hyderabad to promote the film as promised.

He had also said that superstar Rajinikanth might consider ‘compensating’ him for the losses which made Rajini come out with a statement saying that he was in no way involved in the making of the film and as such wasn’t obliged to compensate Kumar for the losses. Kasthuriraja, Dhanush’s father and producer of the film, had kept quite on the issue and spoke in detail a few days back.

Kasthuri Raja said that Natty Kumar hadn’t paid them the full amount, as he had promised, when he took over the film’s distribution and release in Telugu. He also accused Natty Kumar of selling the satellite broadcasting rights of the film without seeking permission from him. Kasthuri Raja also said that he was weighing the ‘legal options’ of pursing the case with Natty Kumar in Courts.

Natty has again dragged Rajini’s name in the issue. “The makers of the film have cheated me by filming in an ordinary manner the hugely popular Kolaveri song. They have filled their pockets but cheated me. I heard that superstar Rajini had bailed out Aishwarya from her liabilities with her bank. I request Rajini to step in and compensate me for the losses suffered,” says Natty.

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