Narthaki to be screened in Auroville,International township today

A still from Narthaki
A still from Narthaki

In a rare honor for a Tamil film, the recently released ‘Narthaki’ would be screened at Auroville, the international township inside Puducherry. The film’s screening would be held today, 20th June 2011 at 07:30 p.m. at the Community’s MMC auditorium in Townhall, Auroville. The screening will be preceded by a small public event whereby the film’s director and the heroine would be introduced to the international audience. This movie is about the various physical and emotional changes a male adult undergoes when he strongly feels the urge to transform into a woman and depicts in the most natural manner the society’s reaction to such an occurrence.

It is known that not all usual Tamil films are screened regularly at Auroville as the community is very particular about which films it should watch and which films it should neglect.

In this backdrop, the news of Narthaki being screened at this so called “experimental” township of Auroville comes as a surprise to many. It happens so that Narthaki heroine Kalki Subramaniam reportedly was part of the Auroville community for two years (2005-06). Another reason being, Director Vijayapadma tactfully depiction of Kalki’s bonding with the Auroville Community on screen. The .  The Auroville community, which comprises of nationals from as many as 48 countries around the world, considers Kalki as their ‘precious property’.

It would be intersting to see if Narthaki suits the interests of  the Auroville people.


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