Narain praises co-star Raima Sens work ethics

Narain praises Raima Sen

Actor Narain has just completed the shooting schedule of his latest Malayalam film titled Veeraputhran. The film chronicles the life and times of Mohammed Abdul Rahiman, a popular freedom fighter hailing from the State of Kerala. The film also marks the debut in Mollywood of Bollywood actress Raima Sen.

Talking about his experience in starring in the film, Narain says “Not many, who have read about the deeds of Abdul Rahiman as a freedom fighter, are aware that Rehman was a very romantic person at heart. There is a romantic song featuring me and Raima in this otherwise serious film.

“The chemistry between us has come out wonderfully well in the final output. For the first time, I’m starring in a film opposite a Bollywood actress. On her part, Raima has put in tremendous amount of hard-work especially in pronouncing the Malayalam dialogues. Her wide and expressive eyes have helped her a great deal in emoting as per the needs of the sequences.

“Raima didn’t throw any starry tantrums during the shooting and was very cool and friendly to move with,” adds Narain.

We ought to believe it when it comes from Narain, isn’t it?


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