Nandha to play LTTE leader Dileepan in Aaniver


Even as film-maker-actors duo of Sasikumar and Samuthirakkani are fighting it out (albeit unofficially) to get their upcoming film ‘Poraali’ (with Sasikumar playing the lead) passed by the Censor Board despite its controversial subject of Tamil tigers, another film has kicked off a fresh controversy.

Many heroes reportedly turned down the offer to play the lead role in a film titled ‘Aaniver’ a few years back. The film had the sufferings of the Lankan Tamils as the backdrop of its script. Nandha, who has been playing hero as well as villain roles in the past few years, reportedly volunteered to play the role himself.

The film is said to be the story of LTTE leader Dileepan, who fasted to death for the cause of the freedom of the Sri Lankan Tamils few years back. Nandha plays the role of Dileepan in the film, which is expected to create many ripples as and when it is completed.

Anand Murthy, an erstwhile assistant of directors Bala and Ameer, is directing the film. Nandha is so determined to release the film that in case the Censor Boards objects to the contents of the film, he would be releasing the film abroad in countries which have a seizable chunk of Sri Lankan Tamils.



  1. ragesh

    pls don’t make movies with ltte subject let sri lanka in peace >>>>>>>>>>. we need peace and love between our people …………….. stop acting like fucking indians v had enoughe offf u ass holes shit>>>>>>>>

  2. kk you even know the history? Do you know Dileepan and what circumstances led to his demise.and how do you think it will affect peace could be that not telling stories like this is the real reason for the civil war!anyway, no use in talking to a brainwashed!

  3. ladygaga

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  4. lol

    f u ragesh, ur tellin us to forget what they did to our people, and what have they given us back nothing(srilnaka), we fought to get tamil eelam and we will fight on

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