Nandha as villain in Vanthaan Vendraan

Nandha as villain
Nandha as villain

It is known that Vanthaan Vendraan an action film directed by R Kannan will have Jeeva and Taapsee in the lead .Now the latest addition is Nandha in a villainous role.

The actor seems to have impressed director Kannan with his skills displayed in Eeram .The director feels he has made a good bet selecting Nandha as his role in Eeram received much appreciation from both fans and critics alike.

Kannan doesn’t want his fans to make any presumptions regarding the Nandha’s role as he is cautious enough to sculpt a different character for Nandha in his latest offering.

Composer Thaman has been offered the musical duties while  R Kannan who is directing the flick has also co written the script with Pattukottai Prabhakar.

We hope that Nandha comes out with another good performance to be remembered for a long time.


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  1. usha

    gd for him.. he started of as a hero but didnt mind acting in villain roles.. we shld have more ppl like him.. any tom, dick or harry is acting as heroes nowadays.. but for villian roles only those who establish themselves can do..

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