Nandalala Ready for release

Mysskin’s ‘Nandalala’ waiting for release since 2009 is still under cover inspite of having generated enough buzz at various International Film Festivals already.

Ayngaran International for which Arun Pandian is the chief producer  has come out  with good movies like Peranmai and Angaadi Theru in the recent times, So is Nandalala but the things were not the same as they had to delay the release of ‘Nandalala’ for no fault of it , to continue financing ‘Endhiran’ at the launch stages, and all its available resources were getting pooled into until when they realized they could not hold on to the giant like ‘Endhiran’ and had to transfer the movie to a bigger production house Sun Pictures.

Though the burdens of further financing were reduced, the financials were not transacted in complete, as Sun Pictures had made an agreement to do only part payments across the four quarters in order to avoid a big liability in their balance sheets.So Ayngaran was still unable to activate the release of ‘Nandalala’. Now that ‘Endhiran’ is near its victory mark and financials between the two majors have been settled, Ayngaran is all set to release ‘Nandalala’.

‘Nandalala’ is a film on fondness between a mentally retarded and a young boy who takes care of him. The film introduces director Mysskin as an actor. Master Ashwath Ram and Snigdha(Anjathe, item number) play the other principal roles. Maestro Illayaraja has scored the music and the six tracks are already a hit particularly the number ‘Nenjil Oorndhu’.


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