Nanbans French connection

Nanbans French connection

The wait for Director Shankar’s Nanban is finally coming to an end. With just a day left before the big release fans are expecting to catch a youthful entertainer with this release. The movie which will grace silver screens tomorrow morning i.e Thursday, January 12th has loads in store for the Kollywood audience with Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth and sexy Ileana putting up a wonderful show.

It’s not just Kollywood for Director Shankar who is aiming high and wide at the movie crazy French nation. The Nanban maker wants his efforts to be widely appreciated among the French audience too and it is for this sole purpose he is planning to come out with exclusive French subtitles for the movie during its release. Nanban viewers in France will see movie screens imprinted with words like Bonjour!, Merci! and Pongall!, leaving the audience with no excuses to leave their seats in dissapointment. It has been reported that the tickets for the first 4 days have already been sold out in Chennai with a visibly solid rush at the counters still on.

It has to be seen, if the French decode this Kollywood release successfully.



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