Nanban spotted at Koyambedu Water Tank

Nanban spotted at Koyambedu Water Tank

Bustling through its final shooting schedule the Nanban team was spotted on top of the Koyambedu Water Tank recently. Director Shankar was seen animatedly pointing out to his crew members their roles and positions. The entire crew along with the director was in an upbeat mood as they caught upon a wonderful view of Chennai atop the Koyambedu water tank.

The scene is supposedly the one where the ‘3 idiots’ are busy spending valuable college time discussing about their lives and even involves the crucial bet scene. Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva had a jolly good time at the sets pulling each others legs during the shoots that lasted over 3 days. A special Akila crane, about 200 feet tall was required to carry out the successful filming of the sequence, which makes it to the introductory section of the movie.

If Shankar and his Nanban team progress at this pace, the good news is expected soon.


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