Nanban granted Tax exemption

Nanban granted tax exemption

Nanban granted Tax exemption

Nanban, directed by Shankar and produced by Gemini Film Circuit, has been granted tax exemption by the State Government. Thus, it becomes the first film to be granted full tax exemption under the new dispensation in the State. The erstwhile DMK regime used to grant exemption from tax to all films which had their titles in pure Tamil words. Obviously, many films which were below-par got tax exemption.

The moment Amma took over the reins in the State, the rules for tax exemptions were modified and it was decided that the films qualifying for tax exemption should not only have received the ā€˜Uā€™ certificate from the censors but should also be decent and with good script. The Government also set up a 22-member committee to select films which would qualify for tax exemption.

Consisting of directors, producers, music directors and actors, only those films which are nominated by this Committee would receive tax exemption. Application forms for consideration by the committee should be sent in duly filled up by the producers and directors along with Rs.10,000.

The Committee, after watching Nanban, has decided that the film meets the necessary criteria and has granted it exemption from entertainment tax. Directed by Shankar, the film is the Tamil remake of the Bollywood super-hit film 3 Idiots and stars Vijay, Jiiva, Srikanth, Ileana and Anuya in lead roles.

The tax exemption might act as a catalyst in the coming days to boost the ticket sales of the film!


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