Nanban crew seek extra police protection after being attacked

Nanban crew seek extra police protection after being attacked Director Shankar’s has been shifting gears smoothly with his Nanban crew with the movie entering its final stretch of shooting. While fans were expecting for the director to wrap up the shoots soon here comes the news that will dash all hopes.

Shankar and his crew were busy filming the shots at a private college near Chennai this past Sunday. Soon fans started pouring in on the location and many of them wanted to get their autographs, some even lucky to get their photos clicked with their stars. However the request to clear the area and resume filming the scenes dint sit well with the crowd. Even though the director and his team including Vijay, Ileana,Jeeva and Srikanth took out their precious time to entertain the fans between the shoots the ever-demanding crowd returned the favor by ensuing in a heated argument with the crew. The riotous group soon started hurling things at the sets, damaging expensive equipment in the process.

All chaos was brought to an end with police intervention and the Nanban team demanding extra police protection to carry on the rest of the shoots.



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