Namitha to seal her dance school deal soon

Namitha to seal dance school deal
Namitha to seal dance school deal

Namitha had earlier made headlines when she expressed her view to start a dance school during the Diwali season. She had reminded us that she didn’t want to let her talent God gifted talent wasted as she is classically trained in Bharathanatyam and an expert in Salsa.( Hard to believe, but Namitha did say so….).

However the oomphy seductress doesn’t let go of the opportunity to brush up her dancing skills whenever possible. She has been hunting for fruitful deals and expectedly is going to “seal the deal” soon with a reputable organization as she bragged about the school being set up amongst a serene landscape of lush green gardens.

Now we know that nature lovers will surely nod a positive head to Namitha’s noble plans but wonder how many will want to get trained by the voluptuous beauty  herself?



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