Namitha Karur Marriage

Namitha surprises a newly-wed couple with gifts

Namitha Karur Marriage

Count on Namitha to do the unthinkable. The tall and sexy Namitha has unfortunately fallen out of favour with Tamil film producers, directors and her fans in a big way vis-à-vis her film commitments. However, she still remains one of the hugely popular actresses in the State. The many inaugural functions to which she is being invited on a regular basis all over the State are testimonies to this fact.

Namitha was traveling to Karur to take part in the inauguration of a poultry farm (she inaugurates many such outlets). After taking a flight from Chennai to Tricy, she then proceeded to Karur by a car from Trichy Airport. While the car was passing through the Mukkombu village in Trichy District, Namitha spotted a wedding taking place at a temple situated on the highways.

She immediately asked her driver to stop the car and proceeded towards the temple where a wedding was going on in full-swing. Spotting Namitha at that remote place made both the families of the bride, bridegroom and others almost speechless. Taken over by a state of shock, they couldn’t force themselves to react for a few moments.

Namitha walked up to the couple, shook hands with the bride and the groom and wished them a very happy married life. She then handed over some cash as gift to the couple, posed for photographs with them and then returned back to her to proceed to Karur. The family of the unsuspecting bride and groom were still ‘floating’ in air as they least expected Namitha to arrive and present gifts to the couple.

That’s Namitha for you!


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