Namitha responsible for ‘Azhagana Ponnuthan’ loss

namithaNamitha is the hottest actress in the tamil film industry. Director Thiru rues that his Azhagana Ponnuthan turned out to be a flop due to Namitha. Thiru said that Namitha refused to star in the film after several scenes in the film were canned. When he filed a complaint at the Producers’ Council, it was decided that Namitha should complete the film.
However, the actress refused to accord full co-operation. Thiru says that he had to modify the story and the climax due Namitha’s indifferent behavior. He adds that Namitha was responsible for the huge losses that the producer of Azhagana Ponnuthan had incurred. According to Thiru, the climax was not what he had in mind and film was cut short by 20 minutes.


  1. Anonymous

    nee namitha va vachu blue film edukalamnu pathu iruppa… athuku othukalainathum ippa climax, story nu kathaya mathuriya…

    Intha kalathula evanda heroines a story kaga use panreenga… etho rendu patuku vandhama atha itha kamichamanu thana poga solreenga… ippa mattum heroine ala flop am…

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