Namitha regrets doing some wrong films in her career

Namitha regrets for wrong films

It’s unbelievable but true. Not long ago, ‘seductress’ Namitha was the toast of the whole of Tamil Nadu with people going gaga over her height as well as her tall and ‘powerfully’ built body. As it turned out, Namitha hasn’t had a film of hers releasing in recent times and is slowly but surely forgotten by the Tamil audience who once hailed her as the ‘ultimate’ sex-bomb.

In her heydays, Namitha’s glamour and her fan-following were phenomenal. Reminiscing on her past, Namitha has opined that she has done some films which she should have stayed away from. Not naming them, the actress agrees that she realized the mistake(s) of doing those films only later after they had a ‘telling effect’ on her career in Kollywood.

She is now preferring more and more Telugu and Kannada films than Tamil films, which is certainly not good news to her fans in the State. Speaking to newsmen in Hyderabad, she said “I’ve been around for 9 years now. My first film was Sondham in Telugu, which I did when I was barely 17 years old. I vividly remember my dad’s embarrassing stare when he saw me clad skimpily in a mini-skirt in the film.

“I hate this trend of treating film artistes in a cheap manner. Though some actors and actresses behave silly, most of us are normal human beings who lead a pretty normal life like others. Those who write about actresses as per their will should bear in mind that actressess too are mortals who have families to take care of and give reply to the things being said and written about them.

“I now realize that I did star in some films which I should have avoided. Even now I love Tamil films and Tamil fans; it was the Tamil film industry which made me who I am now and patronized me in a big way. Having said this, I should also add that of late, I have been offered insignificant roles which I can’t take on. I’m waiting for good roles to come back strongly in Tamil films,” concludes Namitha.

Any producer/director listening?


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