Namitha manages full house even in rural areas


Not so long ago, actress Namitha was omnipresent. She seemed to be present everywhere in Tamil Nadu, literally. Her last film was the Paa Vijay-starrer ‘Ilaignan’ which didn’t create any impact at the box-office. Despite not having a single Tamil film on hand, Namitha’s popularity among the masses doesn’t appear to have waned a bit.

In the world full of actress such as the Ileanas and Tamannaahs who possess hour-glass figures, Namitha’s oomph still draws huge crowds wherever she goes. Though she hasn’t had a significant hit film long, long time, it looks like the Tamil audience would never get enough of the tall and ‘powerfully-built’ actress who hails from Surat.

Namitha was in Trichy recently to take part in an event. The venue was not inside the city limits and was almost a remote village several kilometers away from Trichy. The organizers of the function, to which Namitha had been invited as a ‘special invitee’, had made arrangements for the event to be held at a remote place apparently not to draw huge crowds which might ‘disturb’ the actress.

As it turned out, news of Namitha’s presence spread like wildfire and within an hour or so, the remote place was full of crowds comprising men and women of all age groups. As she always gets excited at seeing huge crowds, Namitha became extremely delighted and blew ‘flying kisses’ to the crowd besides addressing the menfolk with her favourite trademark term of ‘Machchaans’.

The crowd, which addressed her as ‘Akka’, requested her to ‘dance’ for a few minutes. Namitha, who was in no mood to dance, blushed in the face at being called as ‘Akka’ by the rural folks. Later, after the event was over, Namitha couldn’t control her excitement and said that the ‘love and affection’ the Tamil audience had for her were immeasurable.



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