Namitha kidnapped and rescued from Trichy Airport


This might not have happened to any Indian actress till now!

Kollywoods own hotty Namitha has been rescued from an attempt to kidnap  by a crazy fan at the Trichi airport on Monday.

The incident happened after she landed at Tiruchirapalli airport along with her manager John to attend a felicitation function at Karur, around 330 km from here. She was to travel to Karur by car.At the airport, a man identified as Periyasamy introduced himself to her as the driver arranged by the function organisers.

Believing him, she boarded the car which sped away with the  impostor!

On seeing this, the real driver who was supposed to drive Namitha to Karur alerted the event organizers, who in turn alerted the police.

After a long chase, the hot pursuit came to an end when the kidnappers car was overtaken and brought to a halt  and later Periyasamy was arrested. He revealed that he was an ardent Namitha fan and did not mean any harm to her. But police said he gave contradictory answers to other questions.

The police are further investigating this issue.



  1. anonymous

    namitha yizhuthu moochu vittu irundhale avan car lendhu vizhundhu irupan.. idhuku yedhuku ppolice ivlo kashta pattanga

  2. guy

    doesnt mean ppl who are plump are all those who eat alot and those who are slim are those who diet. some cant even lose few kgs even if they go on strict diet and exercise bcos of their body. *experience speaks*

    but lucky for namitha she became an actress when she was slim and after she put on weight she managed to pull more crowd than any other slim actress!!

  3. name

    Namitha va vachu car oturadhey kashtam.. Car needs to have the power of 10 BMW’s to reach speed of atleast 40 kmph with she being inside the car.
    I bet that the police might have easily overtaken the car even by walking with their Thoppai’s at forefront.
    Pavam.. yanai kutty…, got fooled by a panni kutti..

  4. arun

    mr.kidnapper.. neenga namithava kidnap panrathuku yendha machine use pannineenganu therinjikalaama?? 🙂 ungaluku nejamavey risk yedukaradhu rusk saapdura maadhirinu nenaikuren..

  5. Intrest Intrest

    ulladaina yennanu kekura party kita poi …….inda kelvi sariya? adu podrade ore oru adai aduvum meladai and keeladai……..

  6. kidnap

    is that kidnap or madunap

    yes nice question interest. entha aadai maatuwanga? athu ulladaiye podarathu illa. thundu thaan kattum.

  7. hmm..

    poor guy got caught before he could do something 🙁 .. atleast people cud have given some time for him to satisfy his thirst and also her thirst.. oops… 🙂

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