Namitha blames Sonas act as a publicity gimmick

Namitha Sona Fight

Actress Namitha has criticized in harsh terms her counterpart and another sexy bombshell (actress Sona, of course!), accusing the latter of seeking to garner ‘cheap publicity’ by unnecessarily invoking her name. Namitha, who was the darling of the Tamil audience not so long ago, has no Tamil film on hand at present and is indeed concentrating more in Telugu and Kannada films.

It seems the actress role played by Sona in ‘Ko’, which resembled Namitha a lot, has irked the latter. “I telephoned Namitha to know her reaction, but she did not attend my call,” Sona was quoted as saying by a Tamil weekly.

Sona told, “Post the release of ‘Ko’, many told me that my performance in the movie had a lot of resemblance to Namitha. So I called her up to know whether she is upset with me. But there was no answer from her.”

“Later I SMSed her saying “Hope you are not angry with me”, Sona reportedly said and added: “For that, Namitha replied – It’s okay. Don’t call me again. This made me to come to a conclusion that she is irked with my role.”

“Sona’s act of seeking my approval for her cheap publicity gimmick is nothing but stupid,” says Namitha. She continues, “As many as 5-6 films which have released so far in this year have sequences depicting my presence albeit in an indirect manner. This sort of breach of personal happens mostly to frontline and popular actresses like me.

“My silence so far in the matter is based purely on my patience and nothing else. Of late, actress Sona has been indulging in imitating me and mocking me in her films. I didn’t mind it the first few times but when she said that she SMSed me and that she didn’t get any reply from me, I got fired up. I don’t think I ever received any SMS from her in the first place.

“Sona is a nobody and I don’t need to respond her as it would pit her on an equal level with me. She doesn’t appear to know what ‘decency in films mean. She should feel ashamed for mimicking me in the film ‘Ko’. I have never campaigned for any political party in real life and as such, Sona’s act ridicules all levels of accepted decency in public.

“I lost my patience at Sona’s untimely gimmick; it’d be better if she stops seeking some ‘cheap’ publicity by invoking my name,” concludes Namitha’s statement.



  1. muttai

    “Namitha, who was the darling of the Tamil audience”- idhellam eppo nadandhuchu.., adhan yaarum unna madhikala apram enna, best idea is to leave tamil industry namitha

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