Namitha attempts a comeback through Love College


The ultimate ‘sex bomb’ that she is, actress Namitha remains out of work in Kollywood now for close to two years. Can you believe it? In the intervening period, she had a solitary release in ‘Ilaignan’, lyricist Paa Vijay’s second unsuccessful attempt at playing the hero.

Finding that there are only a few takers for her unlimited oomph, Namitha has reportedly decided to take on ‘character’ roles which would give her some scope to display her acting credentials. Her upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Love College’ has her playing a yoga teacher. She not only exposes her ‘assets’ in the film but also has indulged in some ‘hot’ action sequences.

For her role in the film, which is the dubbed version of her Kannada hit ‘I Love You’, Namitha had undergone a weight-reduction course and had shed loads of fat around those huge hips. Thos who have seen the Kannada version swear that Namitha looks very ‘hot’ in the film.

Insiders say that audience, who had so far only seen Namitha’s ‘exposing’ instincts, would be in for a shock as she displays her vast acting credentials in the film besides keeping her fan-base intact by ‘exposing’ as per the wishes of her fans. The film is also likely to be dubbed in Tamil too!



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