Namitha Angers Chennai Passengers


Chennai Flight passengers turned angry after actress Namitha was given Priority treatment and was respectfully led by the security guards bye passing a long queue.

This incident took place at the Chennai Domestic Airport last week when Namitha was to board the King Fisher 11.50 AM Airlines flight from Chennai to Trichy.

While the passengers for the flight were being screened by the CISF(Central Industrial Security Force). Namitha who arrived at around 11 AM wearing tight fitting trousers, T-shirt and sunglasses which is probably the reason for the special treatment called upon a CISF guard and asked whether being an actress, she too should have to wait in the queue for security screening.

The security guard took Namitha to the ladies screening section on special preference bye passing other passengers, and a  women constable screened Namitha and she was sent to board the aircraft immediately.

On seeing this all the passengers who were tired of waiting in a slow moving queue questioned the guard which law had permitted special treatment for film actors and also demanded to know if she jumped from heaven or what?

The CISF guards who didn’t expect this reaction from the passengers had to  pacify the passengers not to make it into a big issue and guaranteed that such things will not happen again.



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