Nadunisi Naayagal: Fridays big release

Still from Nadunisi Naaygal
Still from Nadunisi Naaygal

Gautham Menon has done his best in promoting ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ a psycho thriller .The movie is an experimental film that revolves around a psychopath who unleashes terror in women at night is about compulsive love and the violence associated with it.

The movie doesn’t even have a background score. Well but it seems nothing can stop it from reaching great heights as in even less than 24 hours reportedly the tickets for all the shows in the first three days have been booked and that too within 2 hours after the booking started.

Lately he is also critical analyzing the efficient distribution of his movie as after being released in limited prints since there aren’t any big star values for the movie, he has scheduled theatre timings in a perfect way.

Reports tell us that every theatre in Chennai is just allowed just 3 shows as the Noon Show has been avoided because of a presumption that the crowd will turn out rerealy for an experimental movie.

Well, Gautham we surely appreciate your courage of taken the less tried route.Bravo!!


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