Nadodigal Abhinayas big role in 7aam Arivu kept a secret


 It obviously stands as one of the most awaited releases this Diwali and even though Diwali still has a month to go ( oh!…… how we hate it when the wait makes it feel so much longer ) we provide you an exclusive peek-a-boo into the storyline of  7aam Arivu. Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin disclosed, “The flick 7aam Arivu revolves around the life and times of a Buddhist Zen master called Bodhidharma who was born in Kanchipuram way back in the fifth century. Suriya is playing a Buddhist monk ( Bodhidharma),  a circus artist and a scientist with Shruti Haasan playing the female lead”

He further adds, “The movie also has a special place for showcasing Tamil culture and traditions with a fresh perspective. In fact director A R Murugadoss had this concept of a time machine which he has beautifully connected with Suriyas and Shrutis on-screen characters. The way the story has been unveiled is the most interesting part and there are some welcome surprises that you will have to wait until the movie releases.”  While Udhayanidhi didn’t reveal much of the surprises we had earlier told you about the talented Nadodigal actress Abhinaya playing second fiddle to Shruti Haasan .It has now turned out that Abhinaya’s role is of major importance and being compared to almost that of Shruti Haasan’s role. Even though Shruti has been promoted as the lead heroine for the movie, it is learnt that Abhinaya’s does have a lot to offer contributing towards the interesting storyline.

Now is this a trade secret or a pleasant surprise from the 7aam Arivu people?



  1. Smile

    I like Abinaya.I came to know that she was disable only after watching the film Nadodigal.I thought she was a normal girl.I liked her performance more than Ananya’s.Nadodigal was an awesome film.She is the first actress of her kind to be rocking the industry.May she reach great heights.God bless her.

  2. swathi

    she was introduced by raghav lawerance in a program which sun tv did ….hence raghav lawerance is d grt to support d real human being

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