Nadodigal Abhinaya on a Hat Trick

Actress Abhinaya

Despite her innate impairments in hearing and talking, Abhinaya had made a lasting impression in the minds of movie-goers with her performance in Sasikumar’s ‘Nadodigal‘.

The film was a runaway hit and she enacted the same role in ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’, the Telugu remake of the movie.

Now, there’s a hat trick happening that Abhinaya can look forward to.

According to sources, Abhinaya will repeat the same role she did in ‘Nadodigal’ in the Kannada remake of the movie, which would have leading actor Puneeth Rajkumar as the protagonist.

Abhinaya’s father Anand Verma happens to be an ex-IAF personnel has done miniscule roles in many films during their stay in Kerala. Anand has played a minor role in Kamal Haasan’s ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’.

“I took to cinema mainly due to the natural curiosity and interest I had in films from right from my childhood. I would continue to act to see my mother’s happiness-filled face whenever she watches me speaking (albeit in a dubbed voice) on the big screen,” says the devoted daughter Abhinaya.

A self taught dancer Abhinaya is also doing a powerful role in ‘Eesan’, directed by Sasikumar.



  1. Raja

    Go ahead Abinaya.. I pray the almighty has to give you all the power and grace to you for your long journey in this magical field.

  2. machaan

    ellam irunthum inga vettiya msg panni2 irukkanunga aana ungalla paathavathu thirunthallana ivvanuga vaalurathey wast wast sethu poirungadaaa ______________!!!

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