‘Naan Kadavul’ Pooja to quit cinema! to take care of grandparents

Pooja  the cute actress who is a dream girl for many  has played lead roles in many films including Ullam Ketkumme,Jay Jay, Thambi Attagasam, and Naan Kadavul has planned to quit cinema.

Pooja’s father Uma Shankar is a tamilian who hails from Shringeri in Karnataka  while her mother Sandhya is a Sri Lankan Sinhalese . The actress is very much affectionate towards her grandparents. Grandfather is aged 95 years while her grandmother is aged 90 years. Both of them are domiciled in Sri Lanka. Pooja used to stay in Bangalore and act in films. In between she use to fly to Sri Lanka to visit her grandparents. Now she has planned to quit cinema.

While speaking to the media recently, she said,” I came to cinema in the year 2004. Though I got lot of offers, I did not accept them all. I acted only in selected films. I have acted only in 10 films during these 6 years. Naan Kadavul earned me a good name. I am thankful to everyone for this. The Sinhala film Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe in which I have done the female lead role is to be released shortly.

This will be my last film. I will not be acting anymore. When I wanted to act in films, my mother was against it. But at the same time she permitted me to act with broad mind. In the recent times many relatives started asking my mother, How long are you going to make Pooja act in films. Is it not your responsibility to get her married?  So my parents requested me to quit acting. I don’t want to hurt them.   Hence I am quitting films. My parents want me to get married and settle in life. As a daughter I feel that is my duty to fulfill their wishes. It is yet to be decided when my marriage will take place. Let it happen whenever it happens. The person who marries me should be affectionate. That alone is enough for me. I don’t have any dreams about how my husband would be. It is okay if he is suitable for me to certain extent.

I am not worried if he is short or tall. I am neither worried about his color. I don’t like smoking and drinking. It is enough for me if he does not have these habits. Most of the time, I use to take care of my grandparents in Sri Lanka. Now I will taking care of them will be my full time duty. I want to shower my love on them in their final days.”



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    hey already she had degraded her parents by acting in porn movies… now behaving as if she is a good daughter …what a joke

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