Mysskkin pens for former Boss

Mysskin is currently busy with his upcoming project, ‘Yuttham Sei’. After this he is going to pen the script for a movie that will not be directed by him.

As per sources, he would be handing the script to Vincent Selva, who will make a movie out of it. This decision is because Vincent Selva is Mysskin’s former mentor whose career is currently at an all time low.

Vincent Selva has made films like ‘Priyamudan’, ‘Iraniyan’, ‘Youth’ and the recent ‘Perumal’ with Sundar C as the hero. Mysskin, who is a popular director now, was working under Selva before he came out to do ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi’.

Speaking about the script, Mysskin says it is a gripping script and would prove to be a perfect gift to his former boss.The film will have story, screenplay and dialogues by Mysskin.


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