Mysskin’s next an action movie


Director Mysskin famous for his films Anjathey and Yuddham Sei had a taste of mixed reviews recently with Mugamoodi which apparently did not get the much expected cheer in return from critics.

However, that has not dampened his spirits, as he is on his way to script a new success at the box office. Rumours were afloat that the director will be doing a movie titled Cricket; Mysskin came forward to strike it off by declaring that his next venture is an action fiesta in a press conference lately.It is believed that he read about the rumor online that was published by a website who claimed that he was acting in his next movie and would also produce it under his own banner as he was suffering a setback.The director during his talk further clarified that he won’t be acting in the movie and will be casting a superstar for his directorial venture. Now who do you think will it be?





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