Mysskin on Yellow Saree dance in his films

Mysskin: Yuddham Sei is a realistic cop story

Director Myshkin is a man who clearly believes in moving on in life. That probably explains why he isn’t waiting for his third film Nandalala, which has been in the cans for over a year, to hit the screens. He’s now almost completed shooting his next venture, Yuddham Sei.

Yuddham Sei has three creative directors teaming up for the first time — Myshkin in the director’s chair, Cheran playing the lead and Ameer appearing for an item number! Ask him if he fears any interference and Myshkin says, “No way! Cheran is a gentleman. He always wants to do good films and thinks it’s not right on his part to interfere in my creative thought process. He respects my ideas and I respect his.” On Ameer, he says, “He has danced for a song with Neetu Chandra. Ameer and Cheran are seasoned directors and there’s a mutual understanding between the three of us.”

“Yuddham Sei is a movie about a CB-CID officer. He has to hunt for a  demon and chase him  down, he goes to hell only to realise that the demon he is after is quite an angel,” he says.
Ask him if the movie is a philosophical take on life and the director smiles, “Yuddham Sei is a realistic take on the life of a police officer. It’s a story straight from my heart. There’s no philosophy whatsoever.”

Ask him about the famous ‘yellow sari dance’ numbers that have figured in his films (and are also one of the highlights) so far and Mysskin says, “I include songs only if I feel they are needed. In fact, for Nandalala, Ilaiyaraaja sir asked me if he has to score an item song. I declined it stating that the film had no scope for item numbers.

Doesnt mean he has not included a ‘yellow sari dance’ in Yutham Sei, Mysskin says, “The movie is a thriller and the climax is quite serious. I have to hold the attention of the audience for long and I’ve included this number to provide relief. The song will appear just before the climax; in fact, it’s the only song in the entire film.

Talking about Nandalala, Myshkin says that he doesn’t want to disclose the reasons for the delay in release. “But I can say confidently that even if the movie releases after 20 years, it will still strike a chord with the audience. I would rate Nandalala as my best film till date. Everyone who has seen the movie tells me I’ve done a good job — both as an actor and director.

Ask Myshkin that there are reports that he would be remaking Anjathey in Hindi and the director says, “I’ve no time to think about Bollywood. But I can say that Yuddham Sei is Anjathey — Part 2.


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