Mysskin happy man after Kamals project dropped


The much-hyped Mysskin’s project with Kamal Haasan seems to be failure. A news regarding the Mysskin and Kamal project recently emerged in a popular magazine . And it was Myskkin who gave the clarification.

The director, when questioned about the Kamal project, merely replied that he is happy that it has been dropped. Mysskin added that it is peaceful to work in small films rather than concentrating on big budget movies with top heroes. He, however, failed to elaborate on what transpired between the two and why the project was called off.

Mysskin is currently busy with his poject ‘Yutham Sei’ with Cheran



  1. Anonymous


    If you are happy on the drop of project and happy working with low level actors, You should not have signed up the project.

    After all over, you are saying this..

    Chee Chee Indha Pazham pulikkum..

  2. Anonymous

    you cant say tat… myskin in better director than kamalhassn.or else dasavatharam ll b directed by hem… to justify this matter,really myskin is reallly happy man..still y ppl falling in elders leg, v suld appreciate them not to be on elders legs.. giv chance to new commers and talented ppl… kamalahassan is the not the only actor…

  3. Anonymous

    Working with Kamal Hassan is like veliya pora onnai ulla vita kathai. Kamal will intefer in mysskin direction. Mysskin cant direct peacefully. Roudy director like ks Ravikumar only be right work with kamal. Its better drop the project, thats why he indirectly saying peacefully work with small budjet. Mysskin your thoughts were diff with kamal, it wont sink. Kamal is bullshit guy, he will experiment his wish with others money.

  4. Anonymous

    you stupid guys never know the value of universal hero, the stupid myskin just directed 3 movies that too 3rd movie he acted himself due to this none of the distributor is ready to buy the film and it was lying in the room for an year, his initial 2 films also full of violence and kuthu song nonsense moviesssssssssssssss.

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