Myshkin apologizes after spat with Assistant Director

Myshkin offers apology
Myshkin offers apology

Director Myshkin had a rough patch with his assistant director as a very furious Myshkin seems to have upset him with his disdainful act.

The director had reportedly berated an assistant director with foul language when the AD told that he does not read books.

Myshkin who has a big library in his residence, took the assistants comment in bad spirits as he blasted out with a foul mouth on his assistant.

The assistant Director obviously didn’t expect such a response from Myshkin and expressed his grief at the Directors’ Council in Vadapalani demanding justice in the form of a verbal apology.

The director has now agreed that the assistant was right in demanding the apology, and that his emotions over powered him during the incident. Myshkin apologized saying that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Even though he was disrespectful to his peers we appreciate Myshkin’s effort to accept his mistake and offer the apology.



  1. Vasin

    Naan Janathipathi aana mothal aapu Rajnik’u. Romba valiyaranga avanukaga. odane execute panniduven. President’ku power illanalum panniduven. 

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