Munna Talks on Raavanan

Munna(Kenny Simon)who has completed his Physiotherapy has come a long way in a short span of time. The young actor started his career in ‘Gaurisankaram’ malayalam movie came familiar to tamil audience through Kanden Kadhali now he has already done a film with Mani Ratnam. Munna cherishes his role in ‘Raavanan’ and says it’s a privilege to have worked in ‘Raavanan’.

In this interview Munna says cinema was always his first choice. He says Mani Ratnam’s office pulled him out of a shooting in Bangalore and offered his role.

Munna shares a lot of experiences while doing ‘Raavanan’. One interesting story is how he and Santosh Sivan survived an elephant scare and stayed all night in the jungle. Also he is visibly thrilled to listen to what Mani Ratnam felt after seeing the first copy.



  1. Anonymous

    Why Maniratnam could not have a tamil guy(s) play these roles. Why do we need Prithvi and Munna who are Malayalees in this movie??

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