Actress Shalini Naidu Spicy Photoshoot Stills

Mumbai’s Shalini Naidu to sizzle in Naalaiya Manithan

Actress Shalini Naidu Spicy Photoshoot StillsYet another Mumbai import is getting ready to scorch Kollywood. Shalini Naidu, the sizzling siren, is the heroine who would be making her debut in Tamil films with an upcoming film titled Naalaiya Manithan (NM).

Sexy Shalini is fondly referred to as ‘Shaalu’ by her friends and relatives and those within the entertainment industry. She has the experience of performing ‘item numbers’ in many films and happens to be a close friend of Mumaith Khan, another ‘item girl’ who is very familiar to Kollywood audiences.

Shalini is very clear as to what she is here for. She has her own philosophy vis-à-vis taking up film offers. “I feel that glamour is always spoken about by the people; in that sense, it’s more important than the script itself (?!). As such, I’d be concentrating in looking and appearing glamourously in all my films,” assures Shalini.

The promotional stills of the film show Shalini clad in clothes which makes most drop their jaws. Though she plays the full-fledged heroine in the film, she has been very ‘liberal’ in exposing and in delivering the ‘glamour quotient’, it is said. Billed as a thriller, the film hopes to ride on debutant Shalini’s glamour.

The film is expected to hit screens mid of October.


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