Mumbai terrorist attack KO

Like the earlier ventures  (‘Kana Kanden’ and ‘Ayan’) of Anand , ‘Ko’ too will be a racy entertainer with all necessary commercial elements,” sources reveal .“The film is in its last stages of shoot.

And recently a  scene that apparently reminds the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks was recently shot in Chennai for ‘Ko’, a film directed by cinematographer- filmmaker K V Anand with Jeeva playing the lead role.

Added the sources, the scene involved ‘commandos’ fighting with ‘ultras’ to free places and people who were in their control. “It was shot on a huge budget and will be one of the highlights of the film,” they add.

Jeeva is playing a press photographer in ‘Ko’ and scenes involving him working in a newspaper company was shot at a popular media house in Bangalore, it is learnt. Plans are on to release the film in a couple of months after which Anand will move on to direct Suriya.


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