Mumbai Muslim body issues ‘Fatwa’ against Rahman


Razzak Academy, an Islamic body based in Mumbai, has issued ‘Fatwa’ (judgement) against twin Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman and Iranian film-maker Majid Majidi for making a film on the life and times of Islamic prophet Muhammad Nabi.

The Sunny-dominated Razzak Academy has stated that the film ‘Mohammed – Messenger of God’ is against the Islamic principles of life and has asked Muslims across the country and rest of the world to boycott the film en masse. It has also penned letters to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Maharashtra chief-minister Devendra Patnavis to ban the screening of the film in the country and in Maharashtra.

“Islam says that Nabi’s teachings should guide us and that his image or portrait should never be used. The film in question is against this principle. All – including the professional Muslim artistes and others – who have worked in this film, have mocked Islam. Rahman and Majidi should re-hold their marriages as a means of offering penance,” the ‘Fatwa’ said.



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