Mumbai choreographer paid 25 lakh for Vaanam Song

Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan

That Simbu involves himself in all aspects of film-making besides starring in the film is a well-known fact. Except in Gautham Menon’s ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’ for which the director had told Simbu in advance to concentrate ‘only’ in his acting, Simbu has always involved himself in all departments of film making in all his films.

It now turns out that in his upcoming film ‘Vaanam’, it was Simbu who decided all the cat and event, the technicians like editor and music director. Producer Ganesh, who had developed a rapport while playing Simbu’s friend in ‘VTV’, let Simbu have his way but wasn’t amused when Simbu told him to bring a particular Mumbai choreographer to compose the dance movements for a song penned and sung by Simbu himself.

Simbu reportedly told Ganesh that except for Mumbai’s Ahmed Khan (one of the leading choreographers in Bollywood), no other choreographer would be able to do ‘justice’ to the song. Though the producer resisted this idea initially, he had to give in finally and bring Ahmed Khan to choreograph the song after paying the choreographer a whopping Rs.25 lakhs. It is said that such a huge amount, that too for a single song, had never been paid to any choreographer in Kollywood.

Even top Kollywood choreographers don’t’ charge more than Rs.2-4 lakhs per song. After giving in to Simbu’s demand and after Khan composed the song, the producer and the crew reportedly feel that the dance movements and the style with which the song has been composed would remain the talk of the town for a long time to come!



  1. bebo

    thandam want to waste money.. edhukku mumbai choreographer.. we already hv fab choreos.. anyways lets wait n watch,, it wud hv been nice  if the editor actually added info abt that hindi choregrapher who actually choregraphed anyother hit or famous song in bollywood..yenna appadi enna avaru super dancer simbu liked nu oru general knowlegde ku dhan

  2. Aravind

    Frienda eruntha producer padam mudiurathuku munnadi enemy aiduvaru….Simbu history ethu than…he had never acted again for same producer or director i think……

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