Mugamoodi in Czech Republic


Mugamoodi director Mysskin will be soon singing his way to foreign lands. He will be accompanied by composer K on this Czech Republic trip, who is will compose one of the songs for the film. The song will be filmed around Mugamoodi hero Jeeva who has beauty pageant contestant Pooja Hegde playing female lead.

Composer K has been briefed to deliver a kuthu number by the director. Mysskin wants something on the lines of the hit song Kathazha Kannala that will be pepped up with some racy sequences; to have a definitive chart buster for the film. Composer K has already impressed the director completing 3 of the total 4 tracks well within the scheduled time. Now the background score and rest of the final mix for the album will be done in the Bohemian nation. Starring actor Jeeva in the lead the film also has Narain in a villainous role. They have shot some thumping Kung Fu sequences for the film, rigorously trained under martial art experts flown in from the Shaolin Temple in China.

Hopeful of wrapping up the project in a couple of months Mugamoodi is expected for a May release.



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